Condor Plus Mini photobook machine all in one € 5,215.00 – $ 6.258,00 – Usa prices

Photobook binding machine Pneumatic System made in Italy

Aligner - Creasing - Press -
Up to 40 high quality photo print pages 
Photobook block up to cm 32x32 - 12 x 12 inches

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€ 5,215.00 - $ 6.258,00
Usa prices  

Pneumatic system (air compressor not included) 
Taxes excluded


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Photobook binding machine

The condor plus mini is composed of aligner, creasing, press and press back photobook.

It works with a pneumatic system.

You need only an air compressor minimum of 5 liters.

The air compressor is not included.

The aligner works at 2 bar.

It has the regulatory of pressure.

It is activated by a pedal.

The creasing and the press work at 8 bar.

The creasing is activated by a pedal.

The press has the regulatory of pressure.

It is activated by a lever.

There are not electrical parts. You can do a photobook maximum of 40 pages. The warranty is of 3 years. The machine is completely Made in italy.

Max working size

12,5 x 12,5 inch – 31 x 31 cm


95 kg – 209 lb


16 x 32 x 45 inch – 40 x 81 x 114 cm (plane exluded)

Pressure needed

Aligner 2 bar, Cresing and press 8 bar

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