A great business family

Angelo is 25 years old. He speaks French, Spanish, English and Italian. He is the responsible of logistics and transports. He follows the company since the 2008, to the 16 year-old age he participates in his first Photokina. Untill today he has accumulated over 20 participations in national and international exhibitions. This has allowed him to deepen the knowledges of the international markets.

Alessia is 21 years old. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian. She has been working in family company for two years. She participated in 2016 in her first exhibition at Photokina. The first year she has placed side by side her father in the management sale of the products. Today at full title she is sales manager of the Marcello Strada srl, she directs the purchase office and she manages personally all the sales in Europe and Middle East.

Marcello is 51 years old. He founded in the 2007 the brand Fotolibrofaidate of Marcello Strada. The brand is today denominated Marcello Strada srl. After only 5 years, in the 2012 he succeeded in making know his brand in Europe and Middle East with his presence in the most important international exhibitions. He has reached successes after successes and today, after 10 years from his foundation, he is one of the most important suppliers in Europe of binding machine and adhesive removable cardboard to do photobooks. Now Marcello Strada is ready to pursue the greatest and very ambitious project to make know his brand in Usa. He is planning his participation to the PhotoPlus of New York and to the WPPI of Las Vegas and he is organizing a logistic in New York. .


With our pneumatic creaser it only takes 3 seconds to crease a photo. In less than 2 minutes all pictures of a luxury photo album are creased


With our aligners it only takes 7 seconds to align a picture onto a photo album. The average time to make a photo bookblock of 30 pages is less than 4 minutes.


After assembling the bookblock, put it under the press for 20 minutes. The removable glue sheets become now a permanent binding.

Applicate cover

Create complete photobook

All the functionalities you need to produce professional finished photobooks. There’s a worldwide availability of the machines and consumables.

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